life is a dance, life is movement, life is an improvisational act

    When it’s not it's robotic, it’s drudgery, you’re missing out on your own life

The logic goes like this: 

when range of motion is lost, sensation is lost, without sensation vitality is lost

Reconnect with the sense of power, passion, and vitality that is your birthright as a human being


MFM is a workshop designed to help men find more connection to the body and enjoyment while moving. It combines elements of martial arts, qi gong, dance, body based mindfulness, and men’s group work. The purpose is to find more range of motion and therefore more power and passion through movement.  You won’t learn how to dance at Movement for Men, you’ll learn how to tap into your own innate sense of enjoyment and that’ll show you how to dance.

What you'll get from Movement for Men

-more connected to your body, its placement in space, and its sensations

-practices you can take with you to continue refining your awareness

-a community of guys to practice with 

-greater confidence in your ability to dance and move throughout your life

-improved sexual performance and enjoyment 

Contact Pierre for more information. This workshop will be offered on a semi regular basis.

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