Pierre Bouchard, MA, LPC

As a therapist I love helping people live freer more passionate lives. I bring a love of attachment, interpersonal neurobiology and trauma theory to a deep study in Buddhist psychology and consciousness exploration through psychedelic psychotherapy. My work is grounded in a sense of humor, humility, and curiosity for the profundity and oddness of existence.

I count myself as very lucky to have been at the right place at the right time, hearing about MAPS’ work with MDMA and Ketamine while I was training in Trauma Dynamics, a somatic trauma treatment approach, with Saj Razvi, one of the lead clinicians in the phase 2 clinical trial of MDMA treatment for PTSD. What I learned working as one of his TA’s for several years became the backbone of my clinical model for using ketamine to treat trauma and depression.

My first love affair with personal work was depth psychology, specifically the work on Carl Jung. From my teen years on I was keenly interested in the development of conscious masculinity. My own father died unexpectedly when I was a teen, so exploring masculinity became a central focus. This lead me into the world of Men’s work, Robert Bly, The Mankind Project.

I also developed an interest in martial arts and began practicing Chinese internal martial arts. Over time I started to develop a better sense of my own body, how I carried it through space, and how to tune in to the senses (all things I love now sharing with my clients). I maintained a martial arts practice for the better part of a decade, eventually transitioning to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Since then mind/body integration has been a focal point of my own development and professional work. I have trained in several somatic psychotherapy modalities, most recently the Hakomi Method under Melissa Grace. I have been a student of Reggie Ray and the Dharma Ocean sangha that focuses on somatic meditation. And I currently train in Ido Portal’s movement system here in Boulder at Boulder Movement Collective.

I have maintained a meditation practice for 17 years, have done numerous retreats and have had the good fortune to study with great teachers including Joseph Goldstein, and for the last 5 years, Reggie Ray.

I received a BA from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, double majoring in Psychology and Buddhist Studies and an MA from Naropa University in Contemplative Psychotherapy. While I have done a considerable amount of studying and practice of psychotherapy for the last decade equally important in my path as a healer has been my own therapeutic journey, which I take very seriously. Humility and failures are generous teachers!

Outside of my therapeutic work I have a deep love of music, DJing on vinyl in the Boulder/Denver area. I enjoy gardening and permaculture, film, fiction, and exploring Colorado.


When working with Pierre, there is a tangible experience of compassion. In addition to being skilled in a wide variety of therapeutic techniques Pierre has a wonderful way of normalizing and validating your experience; thereby empowering you to better understand and work with your situation.