Every client is different and has their own journey of healing. Through a collaborative and personalized approach, you and I will develop skills to meet the world as it is, with greater resiliency, passion, and depth.

I specialize in blending somatic trauma therapy and attachment repatterning. This kind of work is most effective in treating issues that traditional talk therapy has the hardest time treating. Incorporating ketamine into this approach allows quicker access to incredibly deep and subtle personal material.

This is not about helping you learn new coping skills. This is not about understanding your situation better, although that can be part of it. This is about having the direct experience of something different. This is about healing the wounded pieces within you so that they no longer have the same kind of control and influence over your life.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Jung

I help people break out of patterns that are holding them back from living the lives they really want. Whether it’s relationships, work and career, or creative pursuits. everyone has ways of getting in their own way. limiting beliefs about what someone can achieve or what we are worthy of having whether its the career we want or a fulfilling and vibrant relationship. each of us came into the world with different circumstances. even when nothing was “wrong” we can still as children interpret our worlds in a way that set us up with beliefs later on that don’t really serve us any longer. by going back to those parts and those times when we developed those beliefs we can start adding new information and integrate the pieces of us that we prefer not to look at so that they no longer run our lives from the shadows.

this isn't about belief or understanding as much as it is about having a different experience of oneself. when that happens we have a new spot on the map so to speak. before we didn’t know something was possible, now we do. even if it isn't a robust neural network, it can start to grow, and as it does we’re more likely to act or think in a new way. this, is how we develop greater range of how we can be in the world.

the work of psychotherapy is ultimately to help people develop more range of possibility in how they respond to the world. it’s not that there is one perfect way for any of us to be in the world, but the more options we have available the more we enjoy our lives and can be comfortable in a wider range of situations. if you’re irritable all the time, its the option to be easy going. if you’re passive or obliging it’s the option to be assertive or steadfast.